Jewelries care instructions

It is a known fact that gold/silver tarnishes and this process cannot be prevented. However, by caring for your jewelery regularly and properly, you can slow down the tarnishing process.

Below are the care tips:
1. How to protect your jewelery
Remove all jewelery before taking a shower or doing harsh jobs.
Apply your make-up and perfume before your jewelery. The chemicals in them will damage the finish of the metal and the stones. After each wearing, wipe with a soft cotton cloth to remove make-up and skin oils.

2. How to store your jewelery
When not wearing jewelery, store it in soft cloth pouches or plastic zip lock bags.
Always store jewelery in separate pouches. Avoid placing pieces together in a jewelery box or drawer so each pieces doesn’t scratch the other.

3. How to clean your jewelery
Wash your jewelery with mineral or distillation water then gently wipe with smooth dry cloth.

Arbam Collections is not responsible for jewelery damages due to wear, improper care or cleaning damages.
If you are uncertain on how to clean a piece, please contact us directly for instructions.


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