How to wash and care your cloth pads

Common question we received is how to wash and care the cloth pads. If you have choosen to switch to cloth pads, washing it is not a big deal and not gross at all.

  1. Rinse your soiled cloth pad with normal tap water to remove as much blood as possible. Do NOT use hot water as it will set in stains, shrink your pads and ultimately shorten the lifespan.
  2. Use a natural laundry detergent. Do NOT use bleach and fabric softener which can shorten the life of your pad and decrease the absorbency.
  3. Air-dry the cloth pads on a clothesline. The sun will naturally bleach any stains.

You can hand-wash your cloth pads with some gentle soap or just add to your regular laundry after you have rinse off your cloth pads.


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